Starting A Business – 6 Tips

Looking to start a new business but not sure where to begin, here are some tips to help you get your kickstarter off the ground.


You have a great idea for a product or service and looking to startup your first business but not sure what’s required to get it all setup? We have put together 6 tips to help you get your business started and operating.

Registering a business name and ABN
The first stage will be to get an ABN and secure your business name. In order to register a business name, you must have an ABN (Australian Business Number) registered with the Australian Business Register (links provided below). It’s at this stage where you will need to decide on the business model that best suits your situation such as sole trader, company, partnership, or organisation. Its recommend to seek legal advise on which business structure suits your business model prior to proceeding.

Once you have registered an obtained your ABN , you can now proceed and register a business name. The ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) website offers a step by step guide designed to help you register your business name. They also offer a link to a business name availability checker which you can use to confirm the name you have picked has not already been taken. We have provided a link below to the ASIC website to help you register your business name.

Link to the Australian Business Register for an ABN application –

Link to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission for business name registration –

Securing a domain name
Just like the business name, its extremely important to secure a domain name for your business. Given 90% of business transactions are now being completed online, having a domain name is just as important as having a physical address.

We can assist you in registering your domain name and determining what domain is best for your business, i.e. or .com

Establishing Business Communication Systems
Setting up a business phone line and email accounts are on the top of the list for new business starters, but with the endless options available its really hard to compare and pick the provider that is right for you. There are several options available for phone systems outside of the traditional landlines, most startups will opt in for digital phone services such as voip providers that offer more bang for buck. These voip systems will offer the ability to add services on demand and introduce IVR systems to better manage incoming calls.

Some businesses consider email more important than a traditional phone, and some would have to agree given most enquiries come through over the web. Determining which email platform is right for your business may seem like a difficult task, but the features of most online platforms are fairly similar. Google Mail and Microsoft Office 365 are the preferred options for most startups given their ease of use, mobility and reliability. Both providers offer similar features at close price points, and both are a great option for startups.

Web chat has been a growing feature among most businesses as it allows customers to initiate a web chat with your team during business hours. This feature is great for any size business as you can easily automate responses and setup traffic funnels to give your customers the information they need. It also offers great reporting and on selling features to potential customers allowing you to generate more revenue for your business.

We can help you setup a chat platform on your website.

If your business includes a team, you may need collaboration systems to allow your team to better track their tasks and ensure they are all on track. There are several different platforms which offer great collaboration features for teams including keeping in touch, tracking tasks and sharing content. We have provided links below to some of these platforms, feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance in getting these setup for your business.

Link to Microsoft Office 365 –

Link to Google Mail for Business –

Link to Skype for Business –

Link to Microsoft Teams –

Link to Zoom Meetings –

Link to Asana –

Link to Monday –

Building a website
A website is your businesses shopfront in the digital space and should be clean, easy to navigate with a simple transaction process. Having an easy to sue website will allow customers to feel at confident transacting with your business and will in turn bring more revenue and repeat business. There are various options available online which help you build a website fast, but with little to no background on the webspace, those sites may be hurting your business.

With guidelines ever changing around search engine optimisation and website trends, its important to build a website using the latest tech, trend and conforming to the latest optimisation guidelines. Picking a good hosting provider for your website is just as important, ensuring a local provider means faster load times, better support and a safer website. It’s important to also setup an SSL certificate for your website (the little padlock we see in the url bar of websites) which will show your customers that your website is safe and secure to transact.

We can help you get your website built and we also offer secure hosting plans with local Australian support along with the installation of SSL certificates.

Setting up social media accounts
Great, you have everything setup and now its time to start connecting with your target audience. Social media is a great platform to connect with potential customers showing real interests in the products or services your selling. There is a huge list of social communities available and its important to do your research and setup accounts to those platforms which relate to your target audience. We have listed links below to the common social media platforms where you can setup profiles and pages. You should complete as much information on your profile as possible to yield the best results.

Link to Facebook –

Link to Twitter –

Link to Linkdin –

Link to Google My Business –

Link to Instagram –

The common question we hear is “I know i need to focus on marketing but not sure where to start?“. Its fair to say as a startup, your marketing budget will be limited until business kicks off so investing on marketing should be a tactical decision. There is a number of platforms available such as social media and email marketing which allow free marketing options for businesses. Focus your efforts on building your target audience and create posts and email marketing campaigns with personalised fields aimed at your target audiences.

Search engine optimisation is a great way to promote your business and push more traffic to your website. Whilst this is an area overlooked by startup businesses, its very important to setup correct optimisation guidelines on your website to grow your natural ranking on common search engines such as Google.

Need help with running your marketing campaigns or setting up optimisation on your website – reach out to us and we can help you get started.

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