Email Marketing Still Effective?

One of the most commonly used marketing tools over the past few years has been email marketing, but with the increase of spam emails flooding users mailboxes, is email marketing still effective?


Some may question the effectiveness of email marketing, but lets face it we still receive a tone of marketing emails every week which proves its still a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. The difference is the approach and this is what separates the successful emails to those that just end up in the spam folder.

So what can you do to ensure your emails are delivered and receive a positive response, below is a few tips to help you send out successful marketing emails.

Email Marketing Platform
Deliverability and reporting are the critical elements of email marketing, making sure your emails reach the inbox of your targeted audience. Through the use of email marketing platforms such as MailChimp you can setup a free of paid account and send out email marketing campaigns with guaranteed deliverability. These platforms also offer a wide range of features and advanced integrations which can automate your email marketing campaigns whilst integrating with your website or e-commerce web store. They also offer great reporting, showing stats on each campaign such as emails delivered, open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes.

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Updated Audience
Ensure your targeted audience is updated and all emails on your list have a reason to be there. Simply putting together a heap of unknown email address will only hurt your email marketing efforts as these emails have not been authenticated. Creating a keeping an up to date email audience list will ensure a higher deliverability score and less emails will end up in the spam or promotions folders.

Recently email marketing platforms have promoted the use of tags within the emails, offering a more personalised email and ensuring the email meets guidelines to end up in the recipients inbox. Its important to include as much details for your audience such as first name, last name, phone, etc. Through the use of tags you can personalise each email with the recipients name promoting a higher conversion.

Catchy Subject Line
Ok, so your email has hit the recipients inbox and they’re most likely about to view it on their mobile device. The first thing they see is the subject of your email, so having a catchy subject line is the be all and end all of whether your email is opened. Having a short, effective and targeted subject line is extremely important and should sum up your message.

Clean Design
There are several options for email layouts and designs including plain text emails, creative designs and e-commerce related product marketing emails. Choosing the correct layout for your message is very important. If you are sending out a professional email providing a simple and clean update, using plain text may be the best approach. If you are letting your targeted audience know of an upcoming event or new product line, using a creative design email will catch the audiences attention. Keeping the design clean is extremely important and not only will it help you end up in the inbox, but will also encourage confidence for the recipient to deal with your business.

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Call to Action
What will entice the recipient to come to your event or buy your product? An effective call to action on each email marketing campaign is critical in determining the success of your email. Adding a button to point to your website’s registration form or the each listed product with help to buy online will make all the difference and bring in more leads and revenue to your business. Setting up automation can also assist in closing more sales, through the use of advanced automation tools such as sending an email to all website visitors who abandon the shopping cart has proven to generate for revenue for e-commerce businesses.

We can help you setup a huge range of advanced automations such as pop up sign up forms which auto updated your audiences, customised emails through event triggers and e-commerce related automations linked to product sales or cart triggers.

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