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Website Design
Elevate Your Web Presence
In today’s world of technology, it’s quite unimaginable to run a business without having a website. There’s never a perfect time to create a website that captures your imagination perfectly and turns your prospects into customers.
At Cloud Marketing, we focus on designing websites that reflect your brand identity through stunning UI’s, layouts and unmatched user experience. We believe your website should be unique, just like your business. More than just design, there are technical factors that determine whether your visitors will spend a lot of time on your website or leave after a few seconds. Let’s help you define and enhance the face of your business, starting
Responsive Websites That Drive Results
Mobile responsive websites are Google’s favorites. They react with the user in mind, and enhance usability no matter what the device is. Simply put, a mobile friendly site helps you stand out from the crowd and gain more exposure. At Cloud Marketing, we help you reach your audience by paying a lot of attention to the mobile interface of your website for better user experience.
WordPress Website Design Services
There are many websites on the internet using WordPress templates and plugins to have a better chance at ranking high on search engines. Cloud marketing provides you with a custom website, using the best, up-to-date and highly converting templates. Our website designers are creative professionals with an ultimate aim of putting your website in the best light possible.
Zero Hidden Fees & Website Ownership Clauses
Unlike various website design companies who draft ownership clauses in their contracts, Cloud Marketing grants you 100% ownership after creation of your website. We get the job done, and give you complete access with no hidden fees for the tools, plugins, or other technical aspects of your website.
Landing Page Optimization Services
We use the best copywriting techniques and research to make your landing page professional and informative. Our landing page design and optimization services are geared towards structuring your website to increase revenue for your business. Our team create promotional and product-targeted landing pages that helps you retain your visitors’ attention. We help maintain and increase your visitors’ attention ratio from the landing page to the products & services page.
Optimal User Experience
At Cloud marketing, we create your website to yield the best user experience, that is, in 0.5 seconds, your visitor already has an understanding of your website layout and design. Our website developers create easy-to-use features and layouts that enable your visitors to navigate around your products and services easily. Let’s help you create a website you are proud of.
Let’s design something AMAZING together!
We’re focused on delivering results
Our process
We review your project requirements and get a better understanding of how you envision the project.
The project is allocated to our dedicated teams who commences work with the design and development of the project.
Your dedicated project manager will meet with you to discuss the work and outline any changes you would like prior to delivery.
Once the project is completed and published live, we organise training and our seo team commences work on optimisation.
Our diverse team of specialists work with multiple platforms to ensure we deliver services that generate results for your business.
Recent Projects
We think we’re great, but don’t just take our word! Check out some of the recent projects we have had the privilege to work on.